Wedding Cake Gallery

Beautiful 3 tier Square Butter cream cake with Fresh Gerber Daisies

Wedding cakes
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A wedding cake should be something more than just a decoration at the reception, or a tasty snack.
It should be a beautiful addition to the wedding day bliss, an eye catching awe inspiring masterpiece.  Never a source of stress for the Bride or Groom on their wedding day! 
You'll always remember your wedding cake! Let me help create something stunning for your special day!

A trio of Nautical cakes to make any wedding or special occasion look like a destination wedding. 
 Here is a sampling of wedding cakes I have had the pleasure to create.
Gorgeous Vintage pearls and pink ruffle wedding cake. With hand made wild roses on top.
Sweet Butter cream cake with hand made fantasy flowers

3 tier pale yellow wedding cake with yellow Gerber daisies.
4 tier elegant and modern wedding cake - we just loved the blue and brown together

Natural Wood Grain Aspen Tree Trunk Wedding Cake with beautiful Succulents as accents

Turquoise Ombre Butter Cream 4 tier Wedding Cake

Vintage Mint and Cream Lace and lattice wedding cake

Textured Butter cream wedding cake with beautiful fresh flowers.  A beautiful Vintage classic Wedding cake

Hawaiian Hibiscus Wedding cake with a Tiki Cake topper

3 tier Ombre Pink and Black Birthday or Wedding cake

Beautiful Butter Cream Square Fleur Des Lis Wedding Cake
2 Tier Butter cream Round cake with Fresh Flowers and a simple ribbon. Stunning!

Bling Wedding Cake... This bride shined as brightly as her Cake!

A NY Giants grooms cake adorns the beautiful Wedding cake at this reception!

2 Tier with extra tall tiers - Textured butter cream and beautiful tangerine and cream flowers!

Another beautiful and sparkling wedding cake with lots of Bling!

A beautiful cake that was a tribute to an amazing woman!

Realtree Pink camo Wedding cake and Camo cupcakes

A beautiful textured square butter cream cake with fresh flowers cascading down the cake

Beautiful Hand made fantasy flowers adorn this 3 tier all Red Velvet wedding cake

Bono's Irish Green Guitar Cake

A fiesta worth celebrating for sure!  Hand made "Spanish Tissue Paper" flowers adorn these two Mexican Ombre cakes.

There were also over 3 dozen hand created cactus cupcakes in small clay pots

Ombre Butter cream "button" cake with Cake pops to match

This 4 tier Pillar cake with lots of scroll piping cake was truly gorgeous and the grooms cake was really cool!

Ombre Chevron and Ruffled cake with a beautiful Bright orange hand made flower.  I loved the Batman themed Cake Topper they ordered on line. So unique!

Beautiful "Naked" Cake with fresh fruit and fresh flowers to adorn it. We just love how amazing this cake looked!

A great Grooms Cake for a Baseball fan!  There are tickets to a Baseball game - the Yankees Vs. the A's on top of the cake.

All butter cream Ruffled cake with textured butter cream on top.  Love the mint green and silver together.

Dozens of Cupcake and Cake Pops on a beautiful cake stand

Mint Green and Gold Wedding cake with ruffled rosette pattern.  This Elegant cake is so chic, it's adorned with rhinestones inside the rosettes.
This simple white 3 tier wedding cake with elegant scroll work on the middle tier was a delicious Lemon Raspberry cake! 
5 Tier Copper Brooch wedding cake Elegance and Style!!
The Lovely bride with her cake!

3 Tier fondant Silver and Yellow cake with silver sixlets as a border.

Messy Chocolate Butter Cream cake 4 tier square

This beautiful quilted wedding cake was adorned with flames and orange and red sixlets, the Groom was a fireman. The beautiful flowers just create such a stunning effect! 

Double sided cake, one elegant and one with dark chocolate Ganache dripping down the cake.

This extra tall butter cream wedding cake with 3 hand made hibiscus gum paste flowers.

Lace Mini 2 tier cake with Gourmet cupcakes.  The flavors of cupcakes are Lemon Supreme, Chocolate Dipped Banana and Raspberry cheesecake.

This Nautical Wedding cake was so fun to create, the cornelli lace pattern really adds to the design and all the details are hand made.

The top tier had a Hand Made Oyster Shell on top of the cake with 2 pearls!

Scrapbook Style Wedding cake Red and Blue

Vintage Brooch and Ribbon wedding cake with lace details

Waves and bubbles wedding cake with a fishing / firefly twist The gourmet cupcake flavors were: Banana Cream Pie, Lemon Supreme and German Chocolate

Navy Blue and Yellow stripe Wedding cake with an extra tall tier.  This cake has a hand made Poppy flower on top and such a classic look.  The wedding decor was a mix of Nautical and classic.  

 Firemen Custom Hand made cake topper created to top the cute Fireman's Wedding cake! 

Square Damask Black, white and Green Wedding cake and 
Lakers Basketball Grooms Cake

Coral Pink and cream Damask Wedding cake

 Topsy Turvy Blue, Green and Black Wedding cake

 This topsy turvy cake and extra extra large cupcake was for a bride and groom with a unique sense of style!  I loved the color scheme and designs they chose! 
 Cake Pops and Cupcakes!
Flavors: Key Lime & Chocolate.
key lime coconut cupcakes, and chocolate with chocolate butter cream

Dragon and Phoenix Wedding cake

 This Embroidered wedding cake was stunning and elegant!  The colors are Burlap and pale blue.  With a custom Monogram. 

A very romantic style wedding cake, bronze swirls with egg plant calla lillies.  The couple got engaged in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris!  

Tiffany Blue and Red with Black Swirls.  
This wedding cake is unique, the couple was joining two families and wanted to represent each side's children.  So if you look closely you can see the initials for each child.  (click to enlarge) 

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake with Broaches in Ivory and Champagne Ribbon

Wave wedding cake or the Dragon Fly and Fishing Wedding cake as my kids call it...
this was a cake for my sister.  The Bass fish is jumping off the wedding cake trying to catch the dragon fly!   The cupcakes below are Lemon Supreme, German Chocolate and Banana Cream Pie.

 Here is a closeup of the Dragonfly and Fishing cake

This all butter cream wedding cake has a shabby chic style.  A hand made Peony adorns the front of the cake. The brides colors were ivory and different shades of green.

Here are a few pictures of the Dessert Table and the Candy table that we created for this Event also:

 Cake pops were chocolate, lemon and white chocolate raspberry, they adorned the candy buffet table along with many different candies matching her colors. Each jar for the candy table was wrapped with a coordinating ribbon and included a vintage looking tag to show what was displayed.

This "Love is Sweet" Dessert Buffet was created with custom labels for each item. This Dessert Buffet was stylized by cake adoration.  The Cake pops, mini cupcakes and wedding cake were all made by cake Adoration. The flavors of cupcakes and cake Pops were; Lemon Supreme, German Chocolate and Key Lime Coconut.  They also ordered Eclairs, Mint cookies and Wedding cookies from Schmidts Pastry Cottage.

Pink and Silver rose wedding cake

 Plum and Cream Ruffles wedding cake

Book Wedding Cake
So, the Bride and Groom's theme for their wedding was "Books" and they were very excited
 to see their idea in Cake form!

Coral and Off White Vintage Wedding Cake 

 Silver and Eggplant 4 tier fondant cake with shabby chic handmade flower

Elegant Ribbon cake with Black, Red and White

 Fun Topsy Turvy Cake with a Large Cupcake too!  This couple also had over 200 cake Pops and 250 Cupcakes to go with it.  They were in Love with the Key Lime Coconut cake!  

Zombie Wedding Cake! 
(click to enlarge)
This Zombie Wedding cake was so fun to create!  I hope you can see all the
amazing little details, it was well worth the time for the finished product!

This stunning Yellow, Black and White wedding cake has hundreds of
Yellow fondant Trumpets on it! 

 This is such a great Shabby Chic Wedding cake design.  I love the Messy Butter Cream look! 

This elegant White Wedding Cake was patterned after the Brides Wedding Dress!  It was a huge hit! 

Organic Natural Wedding cake with Wood Grain pattern

This was a cake that was featured in the Diamond Rental Booth at the
La Caille Wedding show 2011
Did you know that Diamond Rental doesn't just rent Tools and Equipment?  They literally rent anything and everything you'd need for any wedding or event!   Click here to look at all they can do! 
(If you call them - ask for Brooke Ware and Tell them Cake Adoration Sent you!) 

Peacock Feather Wedding Cake.  Peacock Feathers are so beautiful!  I loved creating this one of a kind, gorgeous cake!

Black and White Damask Wedding Cake with Hand Made, Poured Sugar Jewels

Lavender and Eggplant and white wedding cake

Modern White, Black and Hot Pink Wedding Cake

Vintage Shabby Chic Pink and light Blue with Lace Wedding Cake

Blue and Red Modern Cherry Blossom Cake with two little love Birds on top!

Shabby Chic Pink and Grey Wedding Cupcakes
Classic Pink and Silver Wedding Cake / Cupcakes. 

Hot Pink and Black wedding cake

Classic White Elegant Cake with Hot pink Flowers. Just Beautiful!

Cream and Burgundy 3 Separate Tier Satellite Wedding Cake 

White and Silver Damask & Ruffle Cake

 Brown and Blue Ruffled Damask Cake
This Very Modern Dark Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue cake was done in Chocolate Ganache!  The Bride loved the White And Silver Damask , Ruffle Cake (above) so we did a Spin on it with her colors.

Here is it is with her Cake Topper on it, looks beautiful and tasty!

Elegant Gold and Pink 3 Tier Wedding Cake

Elegant Purple Monogram Cake

Burgundy Elegant Shabby Chic Wedding cake

Here is the Cake together with the SF Giants Grooms cake, they actually
complimented each other quite well.

Sage Geen and Steel Grey 5 Tier Polka Dot Cake

Eggplant and Sage Green Square 3 tier cake

Purple and White Crystal Cake

Navajo Wedding Basket Cake

Bright Colored party Anniversary Cake with Cupcakes

Modern 80th Birthday Cake with Red Hand Made Roses

3 Tier Sunflower Cake

Simple Elegant Square 2 tier with Scallop Pattern and Gerber Daisies

Lavender and Sage Green Wedding cake

White and Blue Cascading Flowers

Yellow and Pink 3 tier Pillar Wedding Cake

 Burgundy Wedding Cake
Shabby Chic Polka Dot and Large Flower Wedding Cake

Cream Rose cake

5 Tier White Elegant Monogram Cake

 Spring flowers cake 3 Separate Satellite Wedding Cakes

 Elegant White and Black Wedding Cake
This was the Front of cake..
Blue and Black and Grey Camouflage
And this is the Back

This was truly a unique and fun cake to make, here is a little 360 degree video clip of this cake and the Dog Grooms cake below. (Also includes a Toy Story Birthday Cake)

Grooms Cakes
 Philadelphia Eagles Cake
1950's Car Cake - this vintage car was a classic and had to be handled with cotton gloves, to place it on the cake.

Titans Football Helmet Cake

Yep - this is cake! Money Cake! Stacked up $100 Bills represent the grooms love of dough - ;)

A NY Giants grooms cake adorns the beautiful Wedding cake at this reception!

A cool grooms cake for the car lover! Mustang GT Car Cake

Popcorn Cake - I loved this cake and it would be a perfect Grooms cake for any Popcorn lover out there!

This could be the perfect grooms cake - combine a love of sharks and Dr. Pepper or any of your grooms favorite items.

This amazing Grooms cake was for a major Edward Scissor Hands and Tim Burton fan! This was one of our favorites to create!

1938 Chevy Masters Car Cake

Golf Cake and Cupcakes For a Large Corporate event at Talons Cove Reception Center and Gold Course

Tron Grooms Cake

SF Giants Baseball Jersey Cake

Dallas Cowboys Football Helmet Grooms Cake
University of Utah Football Helmet cake!
Portal Video Game Themed Wedding Cakes

This Corona Beer cake was a unique cake.  The Ice bucket is one huge cake as well as the sand below.  And I didn't forget the limes!
Hunting Grooms Cake

 This hand sculpted firemen figure would be perfect for a fireman's grooms cake!
 Obviously this Soccer cake was for a Birthday but would be a great Grooms cake for a Soccer lover!

Comic book cake...  perfect for all those Marvel comics lovers.  This Batman, Flash, Superman and Spiderman Grooms cake (birthday cake) would be such a fun touch at a wedding!

Red Porsche Sports Car cake

The Godfather Horses Head Cake

Ghost Busters Cake and Cupcakes to Represent the groom!

Vegas Gambling themed cake
 Electric Guitar Grooms Cake

Titanic Grooms Cake

NY Yankee Stadium Grooms cake
(Click the picture to enlarge it)

 Gotta Love those Moby Dick Fans! lol this was more of an inside joke than anything! :)

Lakers Basketball Grooms Cake and a Bob Marley Lover too!

U of U  Colors Gold Grooms Cake
(This one is a re-make of another Golf cake I've made, but it was requested in U of U colors!)

Jeep Wrangler Grooms Cake
This cake was a replica of the Grooms former love! 
Duck Hunting Grooms Cake
Hand sculpted Cake Topper made by Cake Adoration. 

Golf Grooms Cake
(The plaid can be done in the Grooms favorite sports team colors ie.: Red and Black or Blue and White! :)

 San Fransisco Giants Hat Cake
This was the hit of the Reception.  Each item was hand made - even the Giants logo! 

Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Cake
(This was a Birthday cake that could easily be made as a Grooms Cake)

Running Shoes Grooms Cake
(This would be perfect for an avid Runner or we can make basketball shoes, cleats or anything else your Groom LOVES)

Short Circuit Robot Cake 
Got to Love "Johnny 5"

Darth Vader Star Wars Cake
I was told that the groom proposed with an antique Darth Vader ring
- that's how big of a Star Wars fan he was!

Porsche 911 Grooms Cake!

 Apple iPad Grooms Cake!
This was a fun one to hand paint. 

This Dog was such a fun cake to create! I was so glad that the family was pleased with how he turned out! The bride said as I walked in: "It's Kai... Our Dog came to our wedding, yeah!"

Mtn. Biking Fanatic!

Sports Fanatic Cake - With the Wedding date as the Score and their Nick Names as the teams!

Cubs Fan!



U of U Fan!

Bumble Bee Camaro