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Beautiful Baptism Day Dessert Table
Pink, Silver, White and Brown Candy table
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The cupcakes were  Root Beer Float and the cake pops Were German Chocolate and Lemon.  The candy used was a mixture of Salt Water Taffy, Root beer barrels and Watermelon barrels.  With a few tins full of butter mints also.  
I just fell in love with the color scheme and I think it turned out super cute!  
 Here is a close up of the adorable cake and Cupcakes.

Size A
25-50 Guests (3-4 Candies 3-5 Jars)  $4.65  per guest
 Size B
50 – 100 guests (4-5 candies – 5-8 jars)   $4.75 per guest
Size C
100-200 guests (6-7 candies – 9-12 jars)   $5.00 per guest
Size D
200 – 300 guests (8-9 candies – 13-18 jars) $5.50 per guest


Red and Green Polka Dot Dessert Table! 
This was a fun backdrop for  booth to sell cupakes and cake pops! 
I am in love with the colors for the Holidays!


Here is a fun Halloween Candy Table

This adorable Halloween table was a huge hit!  It was a combination of sweet and savory!
Gumballs and Chocolate Licorice, Sour Apple Rings, Cupcakes, Colored Carmel Popcorn  & Cheese balls and White Cheddar Popcorn.  With a few spider cupcakes and black 'Dots' candies.

Here are a few ideas I've seen on-line... 

And this woman is The Queen of Dessert Tables!
Amy Atlas Designs the most beautiful Dessert Tables in NY!

These custom designed Dessert Tables can cost anywhere from
$800 - $2000.
I would LOVE to create any of your Dessert Table / Candy Table Fantasies on YOUR budget!
My prices start around $150 (For approx 25+ people)
But each Custom table and party will be uniquely priced based on the type of sweets and treats you'd like!  

Contact me for more details!

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