About Me

How to Order 

Please Contact Sally (owner) by
Phone: 801-455-2373
E-mail: cake.adoration@gmail.com

Great information to include when ordering: 

-Date of the event
-Type of event
-Size needed - # of people to feed
-flavors you like (see flavors on the left)
-Pictures you have as ideas
-Also your contact info. (Phone Number etc)


**Please be advised that most or all of my cakes may possibly contain:
Wheat, Egg, Milk, & Possibly Nuts or any other food allergens.  

Info about the Owner:
Sally - Main Decorator
I have been loving cake decorating for over 8 yrs now there is always a sweet smell in the air and therefore a few more inches on my waist, but business is good! 
I love to be creative and come up with new ideas and plans.  I can re-create a picture of another cake you have seen so please include pictures in your e-mails if you have them.  I do not like to copy another professional cake artists work exactly, but I can go along the lines of an idea you have seen. I'm sure the final product will look even better for your special occasion!