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We currently Serve Clients in Utah and surrounding states. 

 For more information or to contact Sally at Cake Adoration
or call 801-455-2373

You can send me an e-mail including some of the basic information I need when ordering:

-Your Name: 
-Phone Number: 
-E-mail address: 
-Occasion for which you are purchasing a cake: 
-Date & Time Cake is needed: 
-Name & Age of Cake recipient if applicable: 
-Cake details- 
Keep in mind that most of the cakes will need to be discussed, so just fill out the below details as best you can, we can discuss anything further as needed. All Wedding cakes are custom and will need to be discussed at a personal meeting with me. 
-# of people the cake needs to feed 
(remember for wedding cakes you will not count the top tier when you are talking about serving guests)

-Desired Flavor of Cake: Chocolate,  White, Marble (mix between Choc. & White) or Lemon --Other flavors are an additional charge - see Pricing

Desired Frosting: Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Fondant, Vanilla (White) Fondant.
(For Fondant Frosted wedding cakes remember to add $14 per tier to the prices listed.)

-Would you like a filling?
Chocolate buttercream, Vanilla buttercream -Free
For other Flavors add $5 per tier: Lemon, Raspberry, Raspberry or Strawberry Cream Cheese Butter Cream, Vanilla cream cheese Butter Cream or Carmel Butter Cream.

-Describe somewhat of what you are thinking for the cake (theme, colors, stacked tiers, Separated tiers,Sizes etc)
If you are sending an e-mail -Include a picture or two of the ideas you have seen that may be similar to what you want.

Feel Free to call me with any questions you may have, Sally 801-455-2373
  I do not copy other cakes exactly but I will use the pictures to get ideas and to create something unique.