A Macintosh 4.0 Birthday!

Apple Macintosh And iPad Cake!
This was such a fun creation!
It was a surprise for my Brother In Law Todd and his twin Travis.
They both love everything Apple! As kids they owned the very first Macintosh computer
and now they both have an iPad.
And, Travis lives in Ca. and works at Apple so this cake was a big hit for their big 4.0! :)

 Everything on the iPad was hand painted!
I wanted to make the iPad as thin as an actual iPad but that would have just been a sheet of fondant so I had to make it about 2" thick.  :)

All I can say is, thank you Apple for choosing a better color pallet!  Can you imagine what the iPad would look like in that color? lol!

Check it out... I just found out that there was a Podcast that talked about this cake!
Travis is friends with Dan Benjamin who, along with Christina Warren, have this Pod Cast where they talk about all things cool in the social media / technology world!
Click on this link and go to 6:21 where it talks about "The coolest cake ever!"

Adorable Cakes get a Photo Shoot!
My Cakes are getting their very own Professional photo shoot!

I'm so excited to partner with Cindee Starkie Photography!
Cindee Starkie is a local Photographer and has done some beautiful pictures!  I'm super super excited to have her take some nice, professional pictures of my cakes! 
You have to stop on over to her Web Site or her Blog and see all of her great pictures!  

Cindee is offering Cake Adoration Fans a really great Discount!

A Deal is a Deal is a Deal!!!   
Who doesn't love a great Deal!?
If you mention CAKE ADORATION when you contact Cindee to schedule your photo shoot - you'll get 50% off your Photo Session!  That's a Great Deal!!   
Especially when you consider that her photo sessions are already priced really well!
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
AND NOW.. (drumroll please)
Here are a few pictures from the first few photo sessions
This is so fun! 
 That's me in all my glory! Ha ha!  LOL!
 (Click on the above Picture to Enlarge it)
 This was such a fun Monster Cake - one of my favorites! 
It was the hit of a 1st Birthday Party! 

 And here is the Eagle Scout Cake I made for a friend's Court of Honor.

Thank you Cindee for taking these beautiful pictures!  

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